Who Sang Under the Sun? Korea Girl

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 4:44

Sailed around the world
A trip inside my head
The storms they will never clear
As I'm chasing after the wind
Nothing left to say
Nowhere left to go now
Searched in god and man
Found everlasting pain
Nothing new nothing gained
The same the same
The sun's beating down
The son descended down
Creator savior how you failed
Molded and made I'm just like you
Nothing more
Toiled the day away as I labor in vain
Finding love and happiness
In the meaningless games I play
All that is will be
All that 's done was done before me
The wise man like the fool
Lies rotting underground he found
Nothing new nothing gained
The same the same

CD 1
  • 1 B-Side
  • 2 Under the Sun
  • 3 Reunion
  • 4 Upside Down
  • 5 Peon
  • 6 Pariah
  • 7 Li'l Bunch
  • 8 Serpentine
  • 9 Conversations
  • 10 Atomic Skies
  • 11 Wile E.
  • 12 Prozac
  • 13 Democracy & Kings
  • 14 Hey Akane!
  • 15 Prozac (drummed demo)
  • 16 Li'l Bullhorn (demo)
  • 17 Upside Down (demo)
  • 18 Peon (demo)
  • 19 Wile E. (demo)