KorovaKill - Into the UnderWhirls 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2001-2-14
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Black Metal/Avantgarde
length: 6:22
Sweet Fingers draw me to the Ground
Follow us to the Realms of Untime
My Lungs breathe Water and, old Hell, it tastes like Weed
The Drop returns to the Great Sea
You're the Well and we are the Ocean

To cross the final Frontier
To reach the deepest Sky
To dive beyond the Shores of Time

To leave beyond all Senses
To kiss the Mermaid Tongues
To fall & swirl deep down the Whirls
Into the UnderWhirls

A lurid Gleam shines from the Bottom of the Sea
Behind a Cliff appear strange Lives
It's the Entrance to Castle SkullBrain
The House of Horns stands there with BoneWalls full of Kills
The Blood returns to the Red Sea
It's the Well of our poisoned Ocean

To seek the lost Dimension
To drift one World away
To die into new liquid Skins

To find the real Origin
To drink the Salt of Fate
To gaze beyond eternal Gates

CD 1
  • 1 Birth
  • 2 WaterHells
  • 3 Drown Symphony
  • 4 Into the UnderWhirls
  • 5 The Bleeding Lap of Undines
  • 6 Blue Thrones...
  • 7 All Statues Leave Their Stones
  • 8 The ShadowHordes
  • 9 It's a Fool's World
  • 10 Lord Golden Blizzard
  • 11 Within the SunStorm
  • 12 Through Neptune's Broken Nets