Who Sang Save Me? Krokus

Krokus One Vice at a Time cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1982
length: 4:28
arranger: Fernando von Arb and Chris von Rohr
co-producer: Tony Platt and Krokus
assistant engineer: Barry Sage
writer: Fernando von Arb, Chris von Rohr, Marc Storace
Sittin' here in a backstreet bar
No future spirit is low
Ain't no money for a grey hound ticket
Bad stories all in a row
Hair splitters tail gunners all over town
I'm a stranger this city is bringin' me down

Save me
Save me
Save my life

No chance for a first class hooker
Can't even pay my booze
They wanna bend me the way they need me
But I'm not bound to lose
Don't want to get called up
I'm not gonna fight their ways
I'm a free man black stallion
Come to my door

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Long Stick Goes Boom
  • 2 Bad Boys - Rag Dolls
  • 3 Playin' the Outlaw
  • 4 Save Me
  • 5 Down the Drain
  • 6 American Woman
  • 7 I'm on the Run
  • 8 To the Top
  • 9 Rock 'n' Roll