Who Sang Death? Krypt

Krypt Preludes to Death cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 6:41
Life is fading away
The Reaper is approaching
There is no fear in these eyes
When death takes it's toll
The final hour is here
No more lies and deceit
A new dimension is open
Breath stops, eyes are lifeless

With strength I leave this world, this capsule of flesh.
I have no fear, rather a morbid attraction of what is to come.
With my last breath, and my blood slowly going cold
I fall into the darkness, and as a black shadow I will roam the afterlife.
A cold piece of flesh is what is left
Spirit and mind is forever gone
The death bells chime fades away
Life is the path to Death
Life is the price you pay to Die
When your time comes and the last hour ends
Choose how you pass, choose your way
Satanic strength, demonic madness
This is our way

Embrace Death
Explore Death
Taste Death
Feel Death

CD 1
  • 1 Worthless
  • 2 Krypt
  • 3 I Am God
  • 4 Misfits
  • 5 Preludes to Death
  • 6 Death
  • 7 Jeg Hater Deg!
  • 8 Death Satan Black Metal
  • 9 Hell's Grim Tyrant