Don't Call Me Lyrics - L.A. Symphony

L.A. Symphony Disappear Here cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-4
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:49

[Spoken Intro: CookBook]
Friends of the Los Angeles Symphony
This is CookBook
The L.A. Symphony would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans
All of the people out there who stuck by us through thick and thin
Through the blood the sweat and the tears that it took
And that it still takes to rise to the top
You've persevered with us on this road
On this journey all the way to the glory
However, having said that, we have a little suggestion

Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby

[Verse 1: CookBook]
Man I appreciate the CD for real
But I'll probably never listen to it
I barely got a deal
And I'm real picky with my music cause I think I'm the bomb
(Hey who's your favorite rapper?)
Who's my favorite rapper? This dude named [?]
Where's Pigeon John?
I thought you said you were a fan
He's doing his own thing
Probably in Japan
Getting rich, doing shows with R.E.M
Yeah we're all cool
We're all still friends
Call It What You want that's a great album
Yeah that would've been great
Don't bring this up around Flynn
Cause I'm a little bit nicer
And you wouldn't offend
A dude named Joey the Jerk with stupid questions

Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby

[Verse 2: CookBook]
Yeah you're standing here live with Flynn
(Oh my God I knew it, oh my God)
Except with darker skin, longer hair, and a different grin
I can see how you make that mistake from the begin
After all the only two with goatees is me and him, right?
Anyway your CD's hot I got it off of Limewire
No wonder I'm so hungry and about to retire
(What? What?)
You admire us? (Well yeah of course)
Man that's just so spectacular
(Hope your computer gets a virus blood-sucking Dracula)
Huh? (What'd you say?)
Oh nothing I was just saying thanks
It's cause of fans like you the crew makes big banks
Nah we ain't going to Denny's
Nah we ain't about to kick it
Where we're about to go you're getting lost with the crickets
By the way since you are the Symph's #1 fan
Just so you know my name is CookBook but I understand
Oh you're the one that said "I need to use my [?]"
No that was Joey
It's probably better if you just act like you don't know me you fool

Baby, baby
Baby, baby (I saw Flynn and Joey the Jerk)
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby

Yo man I saw Joey and Flynn
No man that was Sarpong and [?]
No dude, he had a trucker hat
Played out
Man, it was another cat, you're way out
Hey, you want to hear my raps?
No, no, no
Hey, you want to hear my tracks?
No, no, no
Can I get Call It What You Want?
No, no, no
You want to see our show?
No, no

Haven't you heard?
We're haters extraordinaire
Got that baloney on the table (where?)
Over there
And by the way dude, your breath is mad foul
And your girl keeps eying me, like some eager owl

Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby

[Outro: Hidden Track?]

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