Hold On Lyrics - L.A. Symphony

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Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-4
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:47

[Hook: Flynn]
Hold, hold on my homies in the middle of the night (hold on)
Hold on my people, in the thick of the fight (hold on)
Hold on my friend, you know you gotta keep the faith (hold on)
So soon it will end, and you will see it was worth the wait (hold on)
And I say...

[Verse One: Sharlock Poems/Sareem Poems]
Striving and struggling
Hustling and bustling
Hard work and to give nothing
Huffing and puffing
Standing for something, falling for nothing
Survive this fight for life, kicking and punching

[Joey The Jerk]
Cause we must win in the end through perseverance
I'll only be hearing the uplifting and cheering

I will be right here in
The studio writing
It's fear that you're feeling
And urges that you fighting
That's why you were flying
To L.A. cause you trying
To leave the life of the past
That had your homie dying
Don't forget the times when
Oasis gave you vision
Hold onto decisions
You made to change your living


[Verse Two: Joey The Jerk]
Nothing can break us
Nothing can stop us
Hold on like pitbull's locked jaws cause
There is a hope
For a better day
A better us
A better way

Here today
Gone the next
Each day isn't promised so we live it to the very best
Speak the truth
Bring the hope
You're feeling empty in your soul but you gotta cope
There's a plan
The gift of life was given fully through the Son Of Man

[Sharlock Poems/Sareem Poems]
Now raise your hands
Touch the sky
Give praise to Yahweh
The Most High


[Verse Three]
Now I'm pushing along even though the same song
Got me thinking it's all wrong
[?] to remain calm
Time is ticking like a bomb
Final warning came and gone
Split decision with precision now I'm the James Bond
Position with the mission, to maintain, just stay on
Course, in short, my homies, I hang on

You'll reach your destiny
You'll reach your goal
You'll find that strength deep down your soul
Hold on tight, never let go

[Sharlock Poems/Sareem Poems]
You walk in the cold
Love makes us whole
Something to hold, words precious as gold
Embrace the hand you've been dealt to never fold


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