Less Than Zero Lyrics - L.A. Symphony

L.A. Symphony Disappear Here cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-4
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:17

Verse 1
Yo Yo
It's a dog eat dog, piranhas eat sharks
Might as well quite before you even start
They say until you know where these dreams are sold
Rubber bank rolls back like fools gold
Masses heading west to Los Angeles
Told them they were the best back in their little nest
Somewhere, nowhere but not from here
Once they arrive ambition meets with fear
Insecurities change smiles to more the denial
The only consent is no struggles and trials
It's a long road to the top of nothing
Mo morals, no friends, just a love for something
Never to be entertained, your dreams are so dry
Under a bridge downtown their so cry
Feeling like the city is all you really have
But when you take a look back, that's really sad
In La things don't always work out
Quite like they should (repeat 2x)
Verse 2
Young, dumb, and sprung on fantasy
Wants nothing more to escape reality
Needs them badly glitz, glamour, and fame
I said on her face like illuminating her name
Wearing shame like an overcoat awkward and obvious
Dead porn for cash, so tasteless and heartless
Welcome to darkness, turn out the light
Got duked out for a ladies night light
Not one thing's right, everything's gone wrong
Suppose to be an actress, not dancing in a thong
Stomach coke lies long, heroine in her arms
Touching parts of men that she lap dances on
There's no pride to her storm
Forever it warns loud, every single day wishing she was the child
Words to make the family proud
Start of a new, pushing fifty
She figured she'd have her breakthrough
In La things don't always work out
Quite like they should (repeat 2x)
Verse 3
There got to be more than this
Big game, big risk
The bold and the beautiful, young and reckless
The Hollywood dream, here on Santa Fe
The rich and the poor live a few blocks away
And it's all in Los Angeles home of the schemes
Where the rich get richer trying to sell you a dream
Young girl self esteem falls prey to the scene
Tall, thin, sex symbols is all she seen
And that's all he expects nothing more nothing less
New car, clean shoes, got to stay well dressed
He needs the best of the best to compete with the rest
He passes on 22's Mercedes 500S
They say you've gone Hollywood
If you live in LA, you might lose a piece of you
In the senses it's something to have, it cant last
In the city that requires a mask
In La things don't always work out
Quite like they should (repeat 2x)

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