Whirlwind Lyrics - L.A. Symphony

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length: 3:59

Verse 1: Cookbook
It all starts with a thought
Thinking about how far I could’ve got
Right there it should’ve stopped but it preceded to the next progression
Then I found out I needed intersession
Found myself at intersection
A crossroads of sorts filled with choices and selection
First ones were easy and seem to do no harm
Feeling the warmth of attraction and charm
I disarmed and let my guard down finally start to crumble
Thinking I was doing right by being humble
I should’ve bounced at an earlier day to be bless
Now I’m sitting in the dark of my room hating this mess

Verse 2: UNO Mas
Storms fronts rise without surprise or disguise
Who rise to claim the prize a midst the elements
Ain’t got time for cheap talk, got to keep it grand scale
Prevail when all fail, keep walking in excellence, hesitant to accumulate
Brings up my current state
I make and breaks words in step to press collect
I got issues to deal
Emotions to feel
Conjure up the words to show who my life reflects
In retrospect not just speed it up but slow it cause it’s a marathon and runners they set a pace
And when it’s said and done just what did you chase?


Verse 3: Flynn Adams
Up and down all around where I should not
Potential working made electric shot
How did this start? Where did it begin?
Insecurities led temptations to sin
Once seem unbelievable not conceivable thought
Let down my guard and my whole world got rocked
It started lovely and seem so noble
Thought I could make a life so hopeful
Helpful went to God to direct me his way
When the script was flipped with cocaine in Mid-May
Scanning my walls crazy causes me looking toned back
Mess of it all got me feeling so wack

Verse 4: Pigeon John
Talking about a whirlwind
I got this new girlfriend
With a silly past and it just won’t stop (Ha!)
Running through my mind and it’s making me tailspin
Saying words I don’t mean flying out of my mouth. (Ha!)
And now we arguing and I keep say words I don’t mean like ‘Go Then’ and it’s clear
That if she leaves I’m a follow up on hollow promises stretched out a year
And if I keep up she not only going to leave but book it
And I bet get with another dude
And then I’ll see in the church lobby where we first met and I’ll be alone
She with him and his crew and that’s the truth


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  • 3 What You Say? (feat. FatLip)
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  • 19 L.A.