Who Sang Baby Make Love? La Bionda

Release information
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Electronic Latin Funk / Soul
Style: Synth-pop/Disco
length: 4:17
Baby can´t you feel the moonlight
Baby can´t you feel my lovelight
The silver moon is shining
On your pretty face
And now we´re gonna sleep together

Baby make love
We´re gonna make love
We´re gonna take a chance,chance,chance
Takin´that chance
You know what I´m thinking of

Baby can´t you feel the music
Baby can´t you hear the music
A boogie band is playing
A song that we love
So ev´rybody sing together

Baby make love...

Love,love,love,baby make love

Gonna play the game together
Gonna play the game together
´Cause life is such a struggle
And every day
Seems it´s gonna last forever

Baby make love...

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  • 2 Welcome Home
  • 3 Moonlight Palais
  • 4 Baby Make Love
  • 5 Bandido
  • 6 Black and White
  • 7 Never Gonna Let You Go
  • 8 Will She or Won't She