Who Sang Sweet Sunset? La Caina

La Caina Head in the Clouds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-11-25
length: 5:42
piano: Antoine Hervier
vocal: Maxime Plisson
flute: Nicolas Scheid
composer: Jean Pierre Plisson
lyricist: Maxime Plisson
Lyrics : Maxime Plisson
Music : Jean Pierre Plisson

Sunset, bathing in light
The sunset, and soon will come the night
Will you be there for me when
The bright days are gone
And the green bud will turn as brown
As the colours of dawn...
Sunset, we shine with happiness
The sunset, everything's in its place
How long does romance last
Before it becomes past
Photograph all memories, photograph
From orange to blue
I love it all.
From me to you, from you
Everything's beautiful
From yellow to soft green
Day out and day in
I could watch the sun
Gently travel on your skin
Sunset, there comes the night
The sunset, but still a little light
Shine within our hearts dear
Whenever we're near
Comes the night or comes the day
This little light's here to stay.

CD 1
  • 1 Sweet Sunset
  • 2 Do Tara Alap
  • 3 Head in the Clouds
  • 4 Mona
  • 5 Dreaming of a New You
  • 6 Bleu Valse
  • 7 Sambamax
  • 8 Mysterious
  • 9 Tout est tout blue
  • 10 No Talking
  • 11 La Plage
  • 12 But My Heart
  • 13 Under the Big Blue Tree