Who Sang Fight 4 the Right? Lack of Limits

Lack of Limits Geigentanz cover art
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Genre: Latin
length: 4:48
Ev´ryday of the week it` s all the same
Monotony slowly consumes your brain
The hours pass straight into the drain
No, no, nothing changes
The god of money . . . without mercy
A law for the rich . . . a law for the poor
But where the hell is the right to be
To survive, to stay alive ?

Nothing comes from nothing they say
It` s better to fight than to fade away
Payback-time will come one day
Together we will stay

We gotta fight for the right to fight . . .
We gotta fight for the right to fight . . .
We gotta fight for the right
For the right we gotta fight
For the right to fight we gotta fight

Your job was all you knew in your life
But those tiny silicon-b______s are better than you
"Nothing personal" the boss said and smiled
It sounds like a punchline, but where is the laughter?

CD 1
  • 1 Festival of Music
  • 2 Fight 4 the Right
  • 3 Here I Am
  • 4 36 C-Sausages 4 Hansi
  • 5 Step It Out Mary
  • 6 Evacuate the Building
  • 7 Ride On
  • 8 John Barleycorn
  • 9 View to the Shore
  • 10 Spanish Inquisition
  • 11 Billy the Rover
  • 12 Sax, Violins, Rock'n Roll
  • 13 Mouth Music
  • 14 Mellie's Theme
  • 15 The Dutchman's Curse
  • 16 Hey Ho
  • 17 Geigentanz