Who Sang First Bomb? Lack of Limits

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Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Celtic
length: 4:39
Well I walked out of the house one morning A couple of days ago
I walked into the store to get a newspaper for the road
They said that a eastern country was drifting the war
So I turned on my radio to get some more

When the first bomb is falling
The truth surely dies
And the headlines of the paper
Are only telling lies

They said that the bombers were on the way
Families were on the run
Some common graves were discovered today
I can't believe - what they said
'Cause when someone declares the war
The truth - always dies at first
45 channels always the same
Won't you tell me, who's to blame

  • 1 After the Fire
  • 2 The Safety Dance
  • 3 30 Summers
  • 4 Falling Apart
  • 5 Unquiet Grave
  • 6 Each Generation
  • 7 Cover ME
  • 8 dear Green Place
  • 9 Hope
  • 10 Le Renard
  • 11 First Bomb
  • 12 Golden Vanity
  • 13 Bonus Track