Who Sang Ten Days? Lack of Limits

Lack of Limits Doubtfool cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Celtic
length: 5:57
Thursday morning 8:15 and I´m watching the clock
I´m lying on my bed with a radio on
Someone´s starting to rock
Thursday morning 8:17 and I´m watching the clock
You´re on the way to the station
With a suitcase in your hand

Thursday morning 8:25 and I´m watching the clock
You´re sitting on the train, it´s starting the engine
You´re on the way to another town
Thursday morning 8:36 and I´m alone again
I don´t know how to stand the next week
The only things in my head are

Ten days, ten days, I´m acting in the back
Ten days, ten days, cannot move my legs

You said you will write a letter, and you will try to call,
If you´ll find some time
Half past ten I´m writing this song and I´m waitin

Ten days later 9:16 and I´m singin´ this song
Thinkin´ `bout the words you spoke to me
Yesterday when you called on the phone
You said you couldn´t come today coz you have a headache
Y ou are feeling ill
So many things I´d like to say to you
But now you´re far away

CD 1
  • 1 Man in the back
  • 2 The kings are falling down
  • 3 When the clocks return to zero
  • 4 Don't you see
  • 5 Stage-Fright
  • 6 Queen of Argyll
  • 7 Go, move, shift
  • 8 Black'n'Tans
  • 9 Down by the river
  • 10 Tegenwind
  • 11 Silver Dagger
  • 12 Ten Days