Who Sang Smashed? LADY

LADY Bout Dat Life cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-10-31
length: 3:53


I’m on Patron, I’m on
And I’m gone drink whatever the hell I want
I’m out my mind, so gone
And imma do this shit all night long



[Verse 1]
She on champagne, but it ain’t strong enough
Bartender put some redbone in my cup
They be that rimmy in the pineapple juice (aha)
Bitch is loose motherfuckers swinging at the roof
Don’t care what everybody drank, drank what I want
When I give you that look you know I’m in my zone
Drunk tisses feelin’ everything wrong
I can’t drink and drive, somebody take me home
I’m in the mood for some fucking toniiight
Prefer the brown but hey I pour up the whiiite
I’m leanin’, listen how I talk
That G ain’t make a scene and that pow make ye bow

[Hook + Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Don’t fuck with me when I’m on that drank
If you ain’t sippin’ then yo ass shouldn’t have came (aha)
I’m getting frilly when the liquor start kickin’ in
Don’t fuck ‘em like peda take a blunt every now and then
We in the hood, we ain’t fucking with no ace and spades
We now the enj fucking get that tang ready
It ain’t cute when you can’t handle yo alcohol
Take a couple shots and then I’m feelin’ like my problem solved
Drop some Moët and then don’t even know it was rosé
Should I go with that Denis or that Jose
It ain’t a doubt in my mind I’m gonna get laid
Yeah give it to me straight bitch, yep no shame

[Hook + Chorus]

[Verse 3]
They say the fuleco makes you go loco
One thing that I hate is drinking solo
The room’s spinnin’ I told ‘em don’t give me no more
Even had them couple bottles it’s disco
Can’t see a thing, sippin’ mad on 20/20
I’m down for whatever till my bitches gone runnin’
Drinkin’ beer have you pissin’ all night
Ain’t drinkin’ what they grabbin’ but we drinkin’ what we like
BYOB, bring your own bitch
If you didn’t buy you’re right don’t get none bitch
Braid it to the hair how I like my shots
Get twisted and we gone show ‘em what we got

[Hook + Chorus]

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