Who Sang New Joker? Ladyhawk

Ladyhawk Ladyhawk cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-6-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 5:18

Safe at home as the sun sets
Cry me a river
Or sing me a song
One about your life
Where nothing is sacrificed
I am a new man
Or no one at all
You and me, we're the shortest answer
To my little question
I'm just hanging around
If I could be that young
How could I be that dumb?
The tears of a class clown
Oh yeah, they're drowning the city
And build the shopping malls
And paint the parking stalls
And tie your hair back
In your work-stained overalls
I know I've done my part
I know these roads by heart
And I could close my eyes and find my way
I'd find my way (x2)
And I hope you figure out
That I was only joking
And in my car I ride the eastern hillside
Rollin' another and lightin' it up
'Cause it's the only way
At least that's what I say
I'm burning forever with the lights of the city
Sing that song about laying back and sprawling out
And give me something that I just can't live without
For all the times I have tried by the water side
Just to close my eyes and find my way
Find my way (x3)
But you'll never figure out
That I was only joking

CD 1
  • 1 48 Hours
  • 2 The Dugout
  • 3 My Old Jacknife
  • 4 Long 'Til the Morning
  • 5 Came in Brave
  • 6 Advice
  • 7 Sad Eyes/Blue Eyes
  • 8 Teenage Love Song
  • 9 Drunk Eyes
  • 10 New Joker