Who Sang City and The Lights? Ladylike Dragons

Release information
Release Date: 2009-10-12
length: 3:21
You can't imagine
How long I've been travelling
I can decide to not go down
Oh I lived in a town, kids hanging around
They can't see through the dark
It's so far
From the city an the lights
There is nothing to do

You can work all your life in the factory
Or try to turn your dream into reality

After all this time, addicted to hope
I can see through the dark
It is now
In the city and the lights
We still have so much left to learn
In the city and the lights
We are working class pals

Never forget who you are
And where you have come from
When you stand in the lights
In the city and the lights
We are working class pals
Now in the city and the lights
There is something to do

You can't imagine how far you can travel
No you can't imagine the fear I have mastered

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  • 2 13 Minutes
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  • 5 Fuck Off (A Beautiful Day)
  • 6 City and The Lights
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  • 8 Not a Love Song
  • 9 The Wisdom of my Faith
  • 10 The Ghost and the Living
  • 11 Bound Together
  • 12 Don't Get Me Wrong
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