Who Sang Like a Reptile? Ladylike Dragons

Release information
Release Date: 2009-10-12
length: 2:57
Oh, Oh I know
How you feel to let me go to let me turn into someone
You don't know
Then you fear seeing me in the water where you wouldn't go
Oh so many tears you cried for me
Like a reptile
Now in all the oceans I am gone
In the river my mutation is done
Oh, Oh I know
You couldn't see the woman locked into someone I don't know
Even though
You fear to lose me in the crowded cities you let me go
Oh so many tears you cried for me
So many miles
Ran with rainwater you tears alone

Oh I know the bridge you tried for me
Yeah I know the bridge you built for me
For me

  • 1 Slavery
  • 2 13 Minutes
  • 3 My Need of Naughtyness
  • 4 Travel Box
  • 5 Fuck Off (A Beautiful Day)
  • 6 City and The Lights
  • 7 Like a Reptile
  • 8 Not a Love Song
  • 9 The Wisdom of my Faith
  • 10 The Ghost and the Living
  • 11 Bound Together
  • 12 Don't Get Me Wrong
  • 13 Lose Control
  • 14 Campfire