Who Sang Lose Control? Ladylike Dragons

Release information
Release Date: 2009-10-12
length: 2:34
Hey my dear
You're still clear
Don't you know that whisky works better than beer
One more cheer
I'll stay here
To laugh till I feel the running of my tears
You're talking easily to someone you don't know
You're going on selfassured and you start the show
You drive me crazy with that beatles video
Switch off the rolling stones purring on your busy stereo
How to lose control

Hey my dear
You're not clear
Yeah you know that whisky works better than beer
No one steer
No one's clear
And now I see the band getting out of gear

My dear, my dear oh

  • 1 Slavery
  • 2 13 Minutes
  • 3 My Need of Naughtyness
  • 4 Travel Box
  • 5 Fuck Off (A Beautiful Day)
  • 6 City and The Lights
  • 7 Like a Reptile
  • 8 Not a Love Song
  • 9 The Wisdom of my Faith
  • 10 The Ghost and the Living
  • 11 Bound Together
  • 12 Don't Get Me Wrong
  • 13 Lose Control
  • 14 Campfire