Who Sang The Ghost and the Living? Ladylike Dragons

Release information
Release Date: 2009-10-12
length: 3:07
Oh You've got to know
I give my heart
I give my soul with melodies
I try to find inside of me
The reason why I am here
It is the human soul that talks to me
When I become the sound
Every time is so real
Oh no lies, no shame, no illusions
The show is reality
I try to say it when I talk
Between the song now I sing

It is the human soul passing through me
When I became the song
Every time is so real

And all the ghosts are dancing
With the living
Our love is in the sound
And this time it's so... so...

  • 1 Slavery
  • 2 13 Minutes
  • 3 My Need of Naughtyness
  • 4 Travel Box
  • 5 Fuck Off (A Beautiful Day)
  • 6 City and The Lights
  • 7 Like a Reptile
  • 8 Not a Love Song
  • 9 The Wisdom of my Faith
  • 10 The Ghost and the Living
  • 11 Bound Together
  • 12 Don't Get Me Wrong
  • 13 Lose Control
  • 14 Campfire