Who Sang Travel Box? Ladylike Dragons

Release information
Release Date: 2009-10-12
length: 3:06
I want to send you my love
In a nice travel cardboard box
I want to send you my love
Carried by the highway patrol cops
Send it, send it for me
Hou hou Hey mister postman com'on
Hou hou don't let me down mister postman com'on
An dif you got the time (the time) some paper in your bag (your bag)
A little of piece in mind
Think of me, write a story, you'll be fine
Ans with a glass of wine (of wine), don't paint you mind in black (in black)
What the hell will you find
If you do not wait too long for the rhyme
I want to sing you my love
Like a true romantic Elvis song
I want to sing you my love
In a nice bluesy roadtrip song
Sing it, sing it for me
Hou hou, Hey mister juke com'on
Hou hou, don't let me down mister jukebox con'on

  • 1 Slavery
  • 2 13 Minutes
  • 3 My Need of Naughtyness
  • 4 Travel Box
  • 5 Fuck Off (A Beautiful Day)
  • 6 City and The Lights
  • 7 Like a Reptile
  • 8 Not a Love Song
  • 9 The Wisdom of my Faith
  • 10 The Ghost and the Living
  • 11 Bound Together
  • 12 Don't Get Me Wrong
  • 13 Lose Control
  • 14 Campfire

  • Release information
    label: Nice and Rough Records
    country(area): France
    script: Latin