Who Sang In a Mellow Tone? Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Sing Ellington cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1960
length: 3:31
vocal: Jon Hendricks, Dave Lambert and Annie Ross
piano: Gildo Mahones
double bass: Ike Isaacs
membranophone: James Wormworth
In a mellow tone,You take it easy every day,
Play a melody, And life is easy every way.
In a mellow tone, Pretty soon the smoother you go,
In a mellow key. Pretty soon you hear, pretty soon you know.
In a mellow style, And when you sing,
A joy to hear. You might as well make it swing.
Life's a melody Just listen,
To please the ear. See what you're missin not swingin' constantly.
In a mellow tone, You oughta keep it soft and low,
There's a mellow glow. You needn't holler loud you know.
Some kind of mellow moan, Pretty soon you're livin' on love,
Sort of indigo. Pretty days ahead, pretty skies above.
A song of love, I'm talkin' 'bout love,
And love alone. I'm talkin' 'bout life.
A melody, I'm talkin' 'bout livin'
In a mellow tone. In a mellow tone.
Mellowly, mellowly, mellowly, Ooo, I'm talkin',
Whatever you say to me, So mellow
Try to say it mellowly. and pretty, oh yeah.
Mother nature sings Ain't nothin' heard sweeter than a song,
For every single little ear. That nature singin' all day long.
Be certain the note you choose to play, Life is a melody played by a natural band.
Sing a melody nice to hear. No sense in goofin' up the tempo.
But if you really wanna draw a crowd, Get a little louder ev'rybody gonna dig.
Why holler out loud, Ev'rybody listen while you're blowin' off your wig.
'n' hoopin' 'n' holl'rin' 'n' yellin' 'n' Later when you're lookin' back an'
screamin' to say, diggin' what you said,
Nothin' ever meanin' nothin' ever. Then you realize you really talkin' out your head.
Just retain your poise, Ev'ry little flower got it's beauty showin' listen by the
hour let me hear it growin',
Make a pretty noise. Ev'ry little mama full of life is worth it's weight in gold.
A plenty pretty music I've known', Ev'rybody listen ev'rybody gonna dig,
Was it the mellow tone? Ev'rybody listen, ev'rybody gotta hear.
You'll dig what's hap'nin' to me if you break down an' listen to me
Slow an' easy an' mellow an' breezy an' bright just right.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Cottontail
  • 2 All Too Soon
  • 3 Happy Anatomy
  • 4 Rocks in My Bed
  • 5 Main Stem
  • 6 I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I've Got
  • 7 Things Ain't What They Used to Be
  • 8 Midnight Indigo
  • 9 What Am I Here For?
  • 10 In a Mellow Tone
  • 11 Caravan

  • Release information
    label: Columbia
    country(area): United States
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin