Who Sang Under the Eye? Larry Norman

Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
length: 4:35
When I was alone, all on my own
I'd sit myself down and take a look around
I'd think about my life, all the trouble and strife
And the things which went wrong and lasted so long

When I was feeling bad, maybe lonely and sad
I'd put my hands to my head and wonder where life led.
And where I was going to when my journey was through
But meanwhile up high I was always under the Eye.

The mystery of love, the push and the shove
Of friendship betrayed, of plans I mislaid,
The oceans I crossed, the things that I lost
And the world in my hand as dreams turned to sand.

All the agony of pride of emotion that died
Like a statue of stone, I thought I was all alone
Oh but that was just a lie, darkness magnified,
'Cause somewhere up high, I was always under the eye.

I shouldered my load, then I took off down the road
I drove in my car, and I played my guitar, mon.

I crashed in a plane, I really damaged my brain
And then I layed in my bed with all this music in my head.

The years have rolled by, I've watched the past die
But feelings remained like mercy much strained.
Like a seed left unsown, like a leaf that was blown
Like a man who was blind, there was a lock on my mind.

Then a man came to me and he held out the key
And the lock hinge was blown, I had never been alone
Yeah, that ws just a lie, darkness magnified
And though I was not away, all the time my Father was there.

  • 1 Oh Lydia
  • 2 God Part III
  • 3 Come Away
  • 4 Hide His Heart
  • 5 Step Into the Madness
  • 6 Love Is a Committment
  • 7 I Will Survive
  • 8 All the Way Home
  • 9 Baby's Got the Blues
  • 10 A Dangerous Place to Be
  • 11 White Trash Stomp
  • 12 Let the Rain Fall Down
  • 13 Under the Eye