Who Sang Newcomer? Last Hope

Last Hope My Own Way cover art
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Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 3:22
i've never seen you before
you came around not long ago
snd now i see you playing fake
new local scene hero

another fake - a__ wannabe
a hypocrite - your talk is cheap
another know - it - all
stupid whining kid

where the f___ were you
when we were just few
you never new what we have been through
who the f___ are you
don't try to teach us fool
don't need to prove ourselves - we do what we do

you never knew what we've been through

come and go
it's not like this
no sorry - a__
in too deep
down for real
it's just for us

newcomer - don't try to teach
you got to learn the rules before you preach
we built it, we run it - it's our thing

appreciation we don't need
your respect ain't worth s___
we're here just for us - in too deep

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    script: Latin