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length: 3:10
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You let me crash at your place
When things got rough at home
You even talk my call
When your phone said roam
The kids that i hung out with
They used to laugh at you
But when things got crazy
You'd always be around to laugh with me
And tell me not to take my life so seriously
And not to let everyone influence me

And i said hey (hey) this song's for you
For all the times you got me through
You helped me hold it down
When life was crashing all around
Yeah this song's for you
So many times you got me through
I knew i had you as a friend
That's all that mattered in the end

You let me borrow your mxbx shirt
You stood up for me when she treated me like dirt
You tried to warn me about little miss can't be wrong
I couldn't see it so i brought you all along
And you laughed at me
And told me not to take this girl so seriously
And not to let her low rise jeans influence me

(chorus x 3)

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    label: [no label]
    format: CD
    script: Latin