Laura Veirs - Snow Camping 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2004-4-19
ジャンル: Folk, World, & Country
スタイル: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Indie Rock
length: 3:13
producer: Tucker Martine
vocal: Ajiana Miller, Jamare Miller, Quiana Walker and Ja'Kayla Miller
mixer: Tucker Martine
recording engineer: Tucker Martine
I saw the violet turn to night
I saw the water turn to ice
A thousand snowflakes hovered ‘round me
The world aglow

I heard a distant songbird singing
A song the words I used to know
And as the melody went ringing
I felt my bones on the rocks below
The weighted trees of my only home

With brother sleeping right beside me
The blankets pulled up to his chin
The makeshift snow cave settled slightly
But held us in and sheltered us
Like mom and dad, they always helped us

CD 1
  • 1 Ether Sings
  • 2 Icebound Stream
  • 3 Rapture
  • 4 Lonely Angel Dust
  • 5 The Cloud Room
  • 6 Wind Is Blowing Stars
  • 7 Shadow Blues
  • 8 Anne Bonny Rag
  • 9 Snow Camping
  • 10 Chimney Sweeping Man
  • 11 Salvage a Smile
  • 12 Blackened Anchor
  • 13 Riptide