Who Sang Poison? Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson Bright Red cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-10-25
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Abstract/Art Rock/Experimental
length: 3:45
producer: Brian Eno
vocal: Laurie Anderson
mixer: Kevin Killen
engineer: Kevin Killen
guitar: Marc Ribot and Adrian Belew
co-producer: Laurie Anderson
keyboard: Laurie Anderson and Brian Eno
drums (drum set): Joey Baron
effects: Brian Eno and Brian Eno
Some other versions of "Poison"

It was one of those black cat nights the moon had gone out and the air was thin it was the kind of night that the cat would drag in. I'll never forget it, we had a fight. then you turned around
D on the light. you left our bed. then you moved downstairs to live with her instead. yeah just one floor and a shout away, I guess I should have moved but I decided to stay. did I drink some po
That I don't remember now? and every night I open all the windows I let a cold dark wind blow through. I play loud organ music and I talk to myself and dream of you. uh oh! I hear voices coming
Rough the pipes through all the springs in my bed and up through the lights the volume goes up then it drops back down I can hear the two of you playing records moving furniture and fooling arou
Id I drink some poison that I don't remember now? is there blood on my hands/ no, my hands are clean. did I do something in another lifetime that was really really mean? yeah, I'm hearing voices
I losing my mind? think I'm g
Oing craz, I gotta get out. I run into the street and I start to shout get ou of my way! get out! get out! did I drink some poison that I don't remember now? is there blood on my hands? did I do
Thing in another lifetime that was really really mean? a small bullet, a piece of glass and your heart just grows around it.

CD 1
  • 1 Speechless
  • 2 Bright Red
  • 3 The Puppet Motel
  • 4 Speak My Language
  • 5 World Without End
  • 6 Freefall
  • 7 Muddy River
  • 8 Beautiful Pea Green Boat
  • 9 Love Among the Sailors
  • 10 Poison
  • 11 In Our Sleep
  • 12 Night in Baghdad
  • 13 Tightrope
  • 14 Same Time Tomorrow

  • Release information
    label: Warner Bros. Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 093624553427
    script: Latin