Lockdownlove Lyrics - Layzie Bone

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Release Date: 2008-9-2
length: 4:35
[Intro: Layzie]
Close my eyes man and send this one out to all my n____s on lockdown
Flesh-N-Bone, what up?
(And I bet, n____ ain't even know Bob Barker on penitentiary)
You know I gotta send that lockdown love man, I miss you dawg
(Talk about "The Price is Right")

[Hook: Layzie Bone] {w/ Felecia ad libs}
I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove
Soldiers on lockdown, all my soldiers on lockdown, we want 'em out now
I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove
Soldiers on lockdown, all my soldiers on lockdown, we want 'em out now

[Layzie Bone]
d___; I know it's consequences, but how did you get this sentence?
When you up against the system, and they rulin out repentance
Instead they caused the distance, that got us hopin, wishin
That we could one day hold our loved ones again-gain
Never hold yo' head down, keep it up, that's right keep it up
Cause n____, yo' n____ gon' keep them books tight
That's right, 'til you get freed up (freed up)
I've been lookin at the world from a whole 'nother angle (angle)
Since you've been gone (gone)
Seein how penitentiary's a big business (business)
And the president doin us wrong (wrong)
Worry not (not) cause we gon' plan, plot and strategize (strategize)
And one day change the world reverse the curse and make sure you right (you right)
Our Heavenly Father is our daily guidance
And he's gonna show us the way (show us the way)
Don't worry be happy, our Heavenly Father, he's gonna show us the way

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Layzie Bone]
Timin is everything, time is so precious precious precious, worldly wicked lessons
But you still livin, so we can't forget, to count our blessings
Hold on, do what you got to do to come home
It already been too long, n____ when you touch down, it's on
Stay strong, back with Bone, tell them n____s in there we real out here
Hold it down for these babies, representin, we still out here
In the field out here, tryin to get my hands on a mil' out here
It's our year to shine, it's our year to shine, shine, shine
Whatever you need, I got you bleed; relax and chill, it's on me
It was on for a minute but it's better right now, back the way it's supposed to be
Can't wait for the day that you close to me, how we used to be, my brother
Them Howse boys in the buildin, still cooler than a m_________er

[Felecia] + (Layzie)
We ain't forgot about you, we out here holdin it down
Makin sure everything's straight, when you get out
(I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove)
I know you feel alone, it's a separation
But keep your head to the sky, and be patient
(I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove)
I'm sendin letters and pictures for my smile's contagious
I know you feel the love and when you flip them pages
(I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove)
It won't be long now, we come to this town
Everything's gonna be all right, we are soldiers for life
(I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove)

[Layzie Bone]
Some soldiers in here doin life, life, life, life
That type of sentence just ain't right, right, right, right
Won't ever see the day of light, light, light, light
But homie you can let yo' mind be free
Ride with me, vibe with me, visualize and slide with me
Just close yo' eyes, let me do the drivin, I can see
Take you on a ride, where all the ballers kick it at
All the baddest b____es come and they ain't afraid to give you that
That's right, that's right backstage at my show
n____ you startin to get the picture, better keep them eyes closed
It's a stout 5'4" brown sugar tryin to holla
Better take her in that dressin room and get you some polish
And get some

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Felecia] + (Layzie)
Lockdown love
To all my sisters locked up, feel me
I'm sending you my love
To all my brothers who locked up, feel me
I'm sending you my love
For those who made a mistaaaaake
I'm sending you my love

I'm sending you my love
For those who innocent, who innocent
I'm sending you, you, you my love
(I'm sendin out that lockdown looooove)

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