Who Sang Tha Church? Lecrae feat. Sho Baraka

Sho Baraka Real Talk cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 5:05

[Intro: Sho Baraka]
"Ladies and gentlemen, I'll like to interrupt this album
With a little bit of real talk
We 'bout to represent the priest here to the believers
It's your boy Sho [?] and Lecrae
Ya'll listen to this, dawg

[Verse 1: Sho Baraka]
It goes one for the Father, two for the Son
Three for the Spirit, through whom work is done
Before he cracked the sky, and let [?] the dirt
Let's go ahead and represent tha Church
Wake up in the morning, and I hit my knees early
Face to the floor, thinking I'm not worthy
I'll do that [?] thing, gotta bear my cross
Team up with Lecrae, you gotta reach the lost
I'm getting pounds from the church saying
"Sho, you're wrong." but don't get too proud, cause Sho is prone
To lie is to [?] and the [?] lie in defeat
Gotta beat the flash daily, cause dawg gotta eat
Cause God's wrath is something we all gotta meet
It don't matter if you black, white, Jew, or Greek
The only way to avoid this doom and despair [?] and He say
But on the [?] knee [?] easy
But this living it all thing is hard work [?]
It's the Church, baby, not pews or steeples
But those who shun evil, those [?]
Not talking about the church your mother's in, and funny hats
But in the streets
Even in the alley school of cats
Quoting many facts, and death bury your resurrection
But get to know that [?]'s coming back
Forget five mics, I want 5 saved souls, (right)
With self-control we're taking the Gospel across the globe
Say [?], Joe, that swerve to the deacon, the pastor
The building fund, and the choir's singing
That's real talk, we do it all in His Name
So how 'bout it, let's be a Church without blame
A Church without vain, a Church without shame
But who murdered Christ, and that we take claim

We not a [?]
What He is, what He was
We praise Him because
What He did, what He does
He gave His life, ya'll
And He did, and [?]
And why you do it ya'll?
And He did, and because

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
It goes one for the son, two for the Son
Three for the Spirit, through whom work is done
Before Christ come back and reign on earth (yeah)
Let's go ahead and represent the Church
I pick up the phone


[Verse 3: Sho Baraka]

We the Church
It's the Church, baby [8x]
We the Church

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