Who Sang Knockin'? Ledisi

Ledisi Turn Me Loose cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-8-18
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Contemporary R&B/Funk/Neo Soul
length: 3:46
I hear you knockin' but you can't come in
I hear you knockin' but you ain't gon' win
I hear you knockin' uh uh
I hear you knockin' uh uh
I hear you knockin' knockin' knockin' knockin'

Workin' day and night
Gotta get up and pay my bills
People want what they want
They don't care about how you feel

You ain't gon' get me today
You better move out of my way
I got a whole lot to live
For don't wanna hear the blues today

Economy down said news
'cause we bought the war
Change comes like the wind
Now I know what hope is for

I see the sun on my face
And you won't hear me complain
Hey! 'Cause I can't let the dark days
Bring me down

Got a lot of things to say
People always using other people
Trying to get ahead
Runnin' after the light

Never thinkin' about they said
Hey! What's the matter with you
You need to watch what you do
You got to get your head straight

Live your life and do what He told you to do
Early Sunday morning
Preacher talkin' bout saving souls
He said I don't have all the answers

I'm just here to try to let you know
Every time that you pray
A blessing comes right away
Don't let the hard times
Take your spirit move the devil away

CD 1
  • 1 Runnin'
  • 2 Everything Changes
  • 3 Turn Me Loose
  • 4 Higher Than This
  • 5 Alone
  • 6 Love Never Changes
  • 7 Please Stay
  • 8 Knockin'
  • 9 Say No
  • 10 Goin' Thru Changes
  • 11 I Need Love
  • 12 Trippin'
  • 13 The Answer to Why
  • 14 Them Changes