Leningrad Cowboys - Home Town 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1997
ジャンル: Electronic Rock
スタイル: Folk Rock/Rock & Roll/Pop Rock/Drum n Bass/Breakbeat
length: 3:46

Them has been around the states
Cowboy's always home
Good to see you any place
Wherever we might roam

I'm not cryin' because I'm blue
And don't you worry, too
We've got the moon
And most of all we've got you

When your friends hear
How the cowboys sound
Shake it loose
Then get down to the ground

* Home town all around
Home town all around
Home town all around
And I'm always home
Wherever I go

How quickly the time is passing by
That's just the way it goes
The time is not over, give it a try
You're middle of the show

It might take the hardest soil
And the coldest of wind blowing
But that's where the freest
Of the cowboys are growing

(* Repeat)

Home town all around
Home town all around
Home town, home town
I'm always home wherever I go
Home town, home town

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