Who Sang Settin' by the Fire? Leon Redbone

Leon Redbone Whistling in the Wind cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Blues
length: 3:05

Ev'ryone says I'm lazy
And it suits me to a tee
'Cause if ev'ryone knows I'm lazy
They won't expect so much from me

Never had no ambition
To be called a millionaire
So I never waste my time wishin'
In the good ol' rockin' chair

Settin' by the fire
With my hound dog by my side
We're as happy as the bees
I'm toastin' knees, he's scratchin' fleas

Nothin' to worry about
'Less the doggone fire goes out
Then I'll throw on a log for me and my dog
Settin' by the fire

Some people's cravin' keeps them a-slavin'
Savin' ev'ry dollar bill
And then when they're buried, the kids all get married
And start to fightin' over the will

I don't have to grieve
'Bout the dough I'm goin' to leave
I ain't got a dime to bother my mind
Settin' by the fire

Yes sir, we get along fine
Me and this old houn' dog of mine
You know, he ain't got no pedigree
But I like him and he likes me

I know ev'rything is well
When the old boy wags his tail
He's gettin' to be just about as lazy as me
Settin' by the fire

Holes in my britches don't need no stitches
Unless the weather switches 'round
Then when it's breezy, I take it easy
That's a good excuse to sit down

I need lots of rest
Must've been born tired, I guess
We'll make it up, me and my pup
Settin' by the fire

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