Who Sang Side by Side? Les Thugs

Les Thugs Nineteen Something cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-11-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Garage Rock/Emo/Punk/Hardcore
length: 4:10
membranophone: Christophe Sourice
mixer: Kurt Bloch
bass: Pierre-Yves Sourice
assistant mixer: Yann Madec
recording engineer: Kurt Bloch
assistant recording engineer: Yann Madec
I remember this day
The sun shinning in your eyes
Your skin burning and so sweet
Under my finger and my lips
We were always side by side
You were singing in my mind
Always side by side
I remember this day

The sky was clouding over us
The wind blowing in your hair
Shadows coming into your glance
I remember this day

It was raining on your face
Lightenings in your eyes
Thunder in my head
We'll always be side by side
You'll be singing in my mind
Always side by side

CD 1
  • 1 Henry's Back
  • 2 Side by Side
  • 3 I Was Dreaming
  • 4 Les Lendemains qui chantent
  • 5 Never Work Anymore
  • 6 Take Me Away
  • 7 Defeated
  • 8 Ya Basta
  • 9 A Chance
  • 10 Il Gruppetto
  • 11 While I'm Waiting
  • 12 Magic Hour
  • 13 Soon