Who Sang A Life Less Ordinary? Levellers

Levellers Letters From the Underground cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-11
length: 3:10
This is your world
But we say no way
I won't go
A life less ordinary
Is the one I chose
Far away from the souls still healing
We rise with the sun
To the hope of freedom

Hey I think we met before
Smoking cigarettes on the dance floor
By flickering light the faintest trace
The contours of a familiar face

Those Thunderbird days and Acid nights
How we set the world to rights
We learned to love the motorway
And those road-side parties lasted for days

In your eyes the West-world turning
In our hearts a dream to yearn
We nursed our anger, tried to hide
But you and I were born to collide

Babylon we used to say
Will be burned to the ground one day
It's just a broken dream away
And another ugly morning

CD 1
  • 1 The Cholera Well
  • 2 Death Loves Youth
  • 3 Eyes Wide
  • 4 Before the End
  • 5 Burn America Burn
  • 6 Heart of the Country
  • 7 Behold a Pale Rider
  • 8 A Life Less Ordinary
  • 9 Accidental Anarchist
  • 10 Duty
  • 11 Fight or Flight
    CD 2
  • 1 On the Beach (acoustic)
  • 2 The Everyday (acoustic)
  • 3 TV Suicides (acoustic)