Who Sang Captains’ Courageous? Levellers

Levellers Mouth to Mouth cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Folk Rock
length: 3:16
producer: Jon Kelly
engineer: Andrew Scarth
assistant mixer: Lee Phillips
writer: Mark Chadwick, Jeremy Cunningham, Simon Friend, Jon Sevink, Charlie Heather


Kick the sheets off
Get out of bed
Good morning
De ja vu
Is this the best thing
In my head
Good morning
Now what to do
Look at my day
What's the first appointment
Lunch in heaven
What a disappointment

I could run away
With Captain Courageous
I could live on fruit
In Montego Bay
I could run a bar
In a war torn front line
I could do it all
But just not today

Good morning T.V
What's been said
Around the world
Whilst I'm in bed
Nothing changes
Cos we're still being fed
On little white lies
And stale white bread
Look at my day
What's my next appointment
Dinner in hell
What a disappointment

I live for you
And you live for me
For four hours
Every day
Another social misery
For hours and hours
(every day ....)
I could free my mind
Become a rich mans guru
I could take the time
To feed the world
Could drink all day
Until I find
All the answers
I could do it all
But just not today .....

CD 1
  • 1 Dog Train
  • 2 Beautiful Day
  • 3 Celebrate
  • 4 Rain and Snow
  • 5 Far Away
  • 6 C.C.T.V.
  • 7 Chemically Free
  • 8 Elation
  • 9 Captains’ Courageous
  • 10 Survivors
  • 11 Sail Away
  • 12 Too Real