Who Sang Death Loves Youth? Levellers

Levellers Letters From the Underground cover art
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Release Date: 2008-8-11
length: 3:52
Well I heard today the saddest words,
Another friend has gone from this world,
Simple life he'd had but the bitter truth
Is that the good die young and death loves youth

And although I wish with all my soul,
There can be no better goal,
For us to shed all the bitter fruit,
But the good die young and death loves youth

And far way they're making plans,
To steal from this world yet another man,
With one word here and another there,
They've prepared a grave for us to share

So how am I to take revenge,
On a world that seems to never end?
From taking all of the sweetest fruit,
If I don't stop now I'll never know

So why did the good ones die,
When there's plenty left that spit in your eye,
They seem to live forever on,
But death loves youth and the good die young

So don't you laugh, don't you cry,
Don't you dare spit in my eye,
Before me now I have the final proof,
That the good die young and death loves youth.

CD 1
  • 1 The Cholera Well
  • 2 Death Loves Youth
  • 3 Eyes Wide
  • 4 Before the End
  • 5 Burn America Burn
  • 6 Heart of the Country
  • 7 Behold a Pale Rider
  • 8 A Life Less Ordinary
  • 9 Accidental Anarchist
  • 10 Duty
  • 11 Fight or Flight
    CD 2
  • 1 On the Beach (acoustic)
  • 2 The Everyday (acoustic)
  • 3 TV Suicides (acoustic)