Who Sang Dirty Davey? Levellers

Levellers Levellers cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-8
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 3:43
lead vocals: Mark Chadwick
electric bass guitar: Jeremy Cunningham
guitar: Simon Friend and Mark Chadwick
drums (drum set): Charlie Heather
fiddle: Jon Sevink
mandolin: Simon Friend
guest tin whistle: Richard Evans
lyricist: Nick Burbridge
composer: Tim O'Leary
writer: Nick Burbridge
(Nick Burbridge)
Dirty Davey's down the front and he's met the coppers there
They'll be taking you in cos they hate your skin
And he's dragged away by the hair
It's a kick in the head and a prison bed
And you tell me it's the law
Well Davey's out on two weeks bail and he's down the town to score
When it all falls in and he's pinned by the chin
And they'vve rusted every floor
Davey's down the old grey squat
And he's lying with his lass
When there's a brick through the pane
ANd he's out on the lane
With the bailiffs and the glass
The court comes up on Monday morning and Davey's in the dock
He can't stop his tears when he gets two years
And you can't turn back the clock
Well Davey's had it up to here
Banging his head on the wall
So he tied his pants to the prison bars
And he's hung till he's clear of it all
There's a law for the rich and a lwa for the poor
And a law for Dirty Davey
His body's gone but his soul lives on
Here's to you Dirty Davey
Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top
And you tell me it's the law

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