Who Sang Duty? Levellers

Levellers Letters From the Underground cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-11
length: 3:19
So you're done your duty relax
Four and twenty for life
But that faceless man and his plans
Been giving you sleepless nights
Reap all you've sown
He'll make you bleed
This is a hunger you can't feed

White knuckle ride in the queue
Just don't know what to say
Always played by the rules
But now it's redundancy day
Worked hard all this life
Still you can't go free
This is a hunger you can't feed

I take it all and I hide it away
Just be grateful
There are killers and thieves
That need to be paid
So be grateful

We have no off-shore accounts
No mountain of gold in a vault
We get by on final demands
Living under a__ault
Another bailiff to fight
He'll make you bleed
This is a hunger you can't feed

CD 1
  • 1 The Cholera Well
  • 2 Death Loves Youth
  • 3 Eyes Wide
  • 4 Before the End
  • 5 Burn America Burn
  • 6 Heart of the Country
  • 7 Behold a Pale Rider
  • 8 A Life Less Ordinary
  • 9 Accidental Anarchist
  • 10 Duty
  • 11 Fight or Flight
    CD 2
  • 1 On the Beach (acoustic)
  • 2 The Everyday (acoustic)
  • 3 TV Suicides (acoustic)