Who Sang Fantasy? Levellers

Levellers Zeitgeist cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Alternative Rock/Folk Rock
length: 3:19
producer: Al Scott
mixer: Al Scott
engineer: Greg Brimson and Al Scott
assistant mixer: Greg Brimson
writer: Levellers, Simon Friend, Mark Chadwick, Jeremy Cunningham, Jon Sevink, Charlie Heather
He thought he was as drunk as can be
New white skinny rebel was he
Because he knew what mattered
It's all in a clatter of the bands he'd seen
His words of wisdom would shock
Weather he meant them or not
He'd save the world
All the boys and the girls
But another single's all he'd be

Chorus (2x)
That's sad
That's right
Another night
Of someone else's fantasy

He thought he was cool with his tunes
He practiced the nack in his room
And in the evenings he'd d.j.
With the slider at plus eight
Believing that at his feet we swoon
Now he is always there in the queue
While down on the dance floor it's you
And when he starts playing
He is up there playing
You don't notice these are not his tunes

Chorus (4x)

He thought he could measure the world
Because he loved the flag when unfurled
First he's a lawyer excellent debater
You should have heard the mud he hurled
Now you've seen his face on t.v.
Leading parliamentary
When he makes decisions
That meet your derision
He reminds us all that we're free


CD 1
  • 1 Hope St.
  • 2 The Fear
  • 3 Exodus
  • 4 Maid of the River
  • 5 Saturday to Sunday
  • 6 4.am
  • 7 Forgotten Ground
  • 8 Fantasy
  • 9 P.C. Keen
  • 10 Just the One
  • 11 Haven't Made It
  • 12 Leave This Town
  • 13 Men-an-Tol