Who Sang The Road? Levellers

Levellers  cover art
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producer: Al Scott
mixer: Al Scott
writer: Charlie Heather, Jeremy Cunningham, Simon Friend, Mark Chadwick, Jon Sevink
Well its headlights, and white lights, and Black Tar Rivers
They’re dragging me around this country as it withers
The billboards, signposts, standing in the way
Tell of the state of the nations, that we find today

And we play and we play and we play
To every day, every day
To every day

And in the front rooms of old towns far from the city
With beaten up guitars and hearts full of pity
The people gather round singing songs from everywhere
They’re torn from the nation, left without a care


And we'll rid the bloody world for a moment in a word
And we'll rid the bloody world cos
The words that you heard when you were young will always stay
The one's that always stay make the world go away

Warm night, clear sky, European town
Outside the bars singing their hearts out to a crowd
With open boots, violin, banjo and a voice
The exiled buskers are happy with their choice