Who Sang This Garden? Levellers

Levellers Levellers cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-8
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 5:31
lead vocals: Mark Chadwick
electric bass guitar: Jeremy Cunningham
guitar: Simon Friend and Mark Chadwick
drums (drum set): Charlie Heather
guest background vocals: Jacinda Jones
fiddle: Jon Sevink
mandolin: Simon Friend
didgeridoo: Stephen Boakes
guest didgeridoo: Stephen Boakes
writer: Mark Chadwick, Charlie Heather, Jeremy Cunningham, Jon Sevink, Simon Friend
I never thought I'd see the day
When you became what you've become
It's easy now just to look away
And leave your conscience on the run
Spend your time not looking for answers
Someone else's to blame
As long as you don't take the drop
to you it's all the same

Blood, sweat and tears
Really don't matter
Just the things that you do
In this garden

Some time I like to get away
Chase a thought and fly
The people here will never change
Too scared to look outside
Community spirit, neighbourhood watch
Curtains twitching all the time
Got to have a look at what next door's got
Cos your credit's on the line


Don't waste your time with your visions of the future and your party lines
When you're oh so blind to the people in the
Gutter who are fighting to survive

The other day I saw a fox
Running for his life
His eyes were wide but his mind was shut
To the redcoat's bugle calls
But when he got home his path was blocked
By some sportsman's clever guise
And if this how far your culture's got
Then I deny it


CD 1
  • 1 Warning
  • 2 100 Years of Solitude
  • 3 The Likes of You and I
  • 4 Is This Art?
  • 5 Dirty Davey
  • 6 This Garden
  • 7 Broken Circles
  • 8 Julie
  • 9 The Player
  • 10 Belaruse