Who Sang Clarus? Light Bearer

Light Bearer Silver Tongue cover art
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Release Date: 2013-2-8
length: 2:37

Holy! Holy! Holy!
I construct no seat for I will not rest.
For I am no king and I claim no throne.
I will stand atop the highest point in hell
and I will raise my voice aloft.
So that the crawling worm and the lofty bird
shall know my sermon.
I seek eyes that see through worlds,
I seek a mouth to voice my cause,
I seek a tongue lined with silver,
so that my words are clear and just,
for my father has lied.
The words of rapture; the Trisagion, the holy thrice, a beacon of black light that flooded the cosmos, out from the focal point of the false god. Within his mountainous construction, he heard his broadcast interrupted, a voice far louder and far more clear than that of the progenitor. This was the voice of Lucifer, standing atop the tower of Dis, his lungs filled with the fervor of his kin; his heart filled with distress, the fear of losing all. His teeth gritted, every muscle strained, the words tore from within him, piercing the roof of hell, his temper dispersed amongst the many layers of existence. His focus upon those minds capable of comprehending his petition.

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  • 3 Matriarch
  • 4 Clarus
  • 5 Aggressor & Usurper
  • 6 Silver Tongue

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