Who Sang Matriarch? Light Bearer

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Release Date: 2013-2-8
length: 11:09
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The first Eve

Bellow taunting winds, parched throats retort.
The febrile flocks ebb ever forward.
Sand parts to mark their passing,
they lift their hands from the earth.
This defining osteo impasse
to ascend from quadruped.
Of all life the onus lies in her lap,
no rhyme or reason, malleable spines forgiving.

Triumphant, the weight of all,
consequential, the penny drops.
Branches partition,
lineage ingrained,
womb significant.

She the worth of the multitude,
transitions of our a**embly.
Visceral wires in sinew flare
delicately hew thoughts ascent.
Submerged in clay
feet earned competence.
Pathways through contours,
encephalic routes.

Crow lines tell stories,
every scar hides a tale
we foster our reverie
with weathered tenacity.
Within this mind, I find my ward, bearer of the sword

These whims carry, these whims noticed.
This mind it threatens purpose,
time gathers impetus,
this mind must obey

I hear this mind burgeon,
I feel his grip tighten.
My words are a salve,
I fathom its rhythm.
I challenge his hymn

A world where the authority had claimed genesis; insignificant perhaps amidst billions, yet it was here that a mind dwelt, capable of abstract thought. A mind that could look beyond herself. It was this mind that became the linchpin of their opposing cause. The will of the false god, and that of Lucifer. This mind, personified as Eve; an ancestor of humanity, the leader of a group of hominid traveling across endless grasslands in search of shelter and food. Thousands of generations had bought these primates down from the branches, the incremental changes in their anatomy, the permeation of positive mutation to allow them to stand upright, to create tools to aid their survival, to begin to grasp the world in which they now lived. In their moments of imagination, as neurological pathways sparked into being, the roar was heard throughout the universe, immediately attracting the presence of sentience that thrilled and eddied in the awe of such inspiration, and above all, the first sentience, the first angel, the false god. A consciousness developing, one of millions of species upon the earth. Yet it would become apparent that this particular animal would soon hold dominion upon this world, grasp a sense of what lay beyond the confines of survival, and soon carry the greatest and most significant tool - to question. This was a palpable threat to any sentience who saw dissent as a detriment to their cause. Within the very fabric of existence, celestial bodies railed endlessly over the sanctity and will of these lives. The false god entirely fearful of the concept of consciousness, the possibility that more would see the falsehood of his claim over creation, and the voice of Lucifer, the offer of salvation, to nurture free will.

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