Who Sang Prada You? Lil Durk

Lil Durk Love Songs 4 the Streets 2 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-8-2
length: 2:39
(Dy Krazy)

Permanent mark on my heart, girl, you careless
And when you act like you don't care, that **** be scary
And I got caught with four, five hoes, I'm so embarrassed
I put the streets before myself, it gave me leverage
No disloyal in my heart, whatever that is
Came a long way from Amiris, rocking Ballys
I know some *****s don't take care of they kids, they don't call 'em daddy
And that's a deadbeat, got a Trackhawk with the red seats
Let's get married, get a couple M's, then I'm ready
Give you Chanel sneaks, then a Chanel bag color cherry
And I ain't nothing like them other *****s, so don't compare me
Actuality, they treated me unfairly

You put your friends in our business
You know they dying for attention
'Cause ain't no point in bein' no friend
L-o-v-e, do you love me?
R-e-s-p-e-c-t, don't say **** me
Tryna L-I-V-E, do you trust me?
If I gave your *** my heart, girl, you lucky
And you better tell the world that you love me
That you love me, yeah
Do you love me?
Do you love me? Yeah

And I don't talk about no weak ****, I don't touch it
Tell yo' hoe I'll lay her throat back when I'm bustin'
You told your friends inside your groupchat we was ****in'
I heard your friends say that I treat you like you nothing
I'm a gangster, but I moan when you suckin'
When we ****in', I **** long, I don't rush it
**** my past, you can't hold onto nothing
When you mad, you say go'n on and ****

I done bought you Gucci, Louis, and Prada too
I done bought you a Prada bag, said I'm proud of you
Play with my ***** and it's bada-bing, then bada-boom
I'm high as hell, I'm taking Percocets by the moon
Get that Lambo' truck the color Nipsey Blue
And you be feeling like the man in the empty room
I don't gotta force you for the *****

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