Who Sang Bitch? Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat. Chyna Whyte & Too $hort

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Release Date: 2002-10-8
length: 4:59
[Too $hort]
One time it's by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Who we talkin to man, who we talkin to
Any ***** that act like a wha (*****)
Any any ***** that act like a mutha****in (*****)
Any ***** ***** that's a mutha****in (*****)
I send this **** out to all why'all man
**** why'all *****-*** *****z
Playin there for the motha****in
Okay, this how we put this **** down for why'all

We run this [x4]
You ain't ****in wit me [x4]
Start a riot in this [x7]
Aw get the **** out this

[Lil Jon]
You be actin like a *****
So we treat you like a *****
You be actin like a *****
So we treat you like a *****
We beat you like a *****
Kick your *** like a *****
We take your ****in ****
And leave you stuck like a *****
You wearin panties like a *****
Yo ***** like a *****
You sound like a *****
You talkin like a *****
You cryin like a *****
You whinin like a *****
I hate you ****in *****
We'll kill you *****

[Too $hort]
So back up on me in this *****
Or get ****ed up in this *****
My *****z real in this *****
Sit your wig in this *****
Crack your head in this *****
Beat your *** is this *****
So keep poppin let your mouth
And get ****ed up like a *****
Smack you up like a *****
Stomp you out like a *****
Slap your head like
Beat you down like a *****
Take your money like a *****
On your knees like a *****
We don't like you ****in *****
We'll kill you like a *****


[Chyna White]
Ain't no hoes ****in with this *****
I put years in this ****
Shed tears for ****
***** I'm real with this **** (don't push me)
'cause ain't no ****in thang bout me *****
Except this rare **** that drip from me
I get money in my hood ***** ain't nuttin funny (not funny)
But a ****** ***** in nut huggers and big hoots
We toss over who got juice
Who livin a lie (lie)
Who speakin a true, who get that loot
You get on that mic with that bullshit ***** (boitch)
Then it's all on you
Hangin rap label (rap label)
I ain't dealin with favorites
Homie ****s with *****z that do business up under the table
That mad shout
You hoes can't make it in the game
Unless your ******* and your *** out
Now **** wit me
So I can show you who already ballin in this *****
Turnin from sweet to sour in this *****
Like zero to 60 m.p.h.
It's a thin line between love and hate
And **** the world
'cause I ain't here to stay (*****)


[Lil Jon]
Hey check this out right (wazzup)
All why'all club managers (uh huh) and club owners (yeah)
It's bout to get real ugly in your motha****in club right now (****ed up in that *****)
I'm gonna tell ya like this (what's up)
Get your motha****in security ready (**** em)
Yo I think some **** bout to go down ***** (what goin down *****)
It's about Lil Jon (uh huh), Eastside Boyz
Yo check this **** out

Lemme see you get crunk
Lemme see you get bunk
Lemme see you tear that motha****in club on up
Lemme see you get crunk
Lemme see you get bunk
Lemme see you tear that motha****in club on up
Man **** them **********in *****-*** *****z
Man **** them **********in *****-*** *****z
Man **** them **********in *****-*** *****z
Man **** them **********in *****-*** *****z


[Too $hort]
Told ya once lil *****
Said it twice lil *****
Hang around us *****z all night
And you'll get your lil *** whooped *****
For actin like a *****
Backslap ya like a *****
While ya snappin a flick (biotch)
It's $hort dog
I ain't wit nowhere
Still spittin real game for all the pimps and the playaz
And you *****es
Don't try to front foo'
If you don't leave soon them *****z bout to jump you
You just a *****'*****

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  • Release information
    label: TVT Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 016581237025
    script: Latin