Who Sang Nothin On? Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat. Oobie , Chyna Whyte & Bo Hagon

Bo Hagon Kings of Crunk cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-8
length: 5:08
[Oobie Sings]
As the night approaches I, decide that I'm a call my favorite guy
Cause I don't want to be at home alone, I wish that you would hurry home
So baby trust me It's going on , better hurry home to me
Gotta surprise for you... there's nothin' that I won't do... for you so

[Chorus: x 2]
Tonight I'll sleep with nothing on
So make sure that you hurry home
Cause I'll be waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you
With nothing on

[Rap by Chyna Whyte]
I'm hittin' you on the two-way, ****, cause I want it bad
And I ain't thinkin' bout nothing but
You and me blowing hash in the midnight hour
I know you thugging in the streets bout your money

But best respect this ***** got the power
You can't deny the way I twurk this here
I'm talkin' freaky on this here come one and work this here
And bust it open like I'm bout to get burnt in here

I do my dirt in here, you know what I'm workin with
These ******* perky, I ain't a virgin you ain't gotta worry bout a thing
Just lay back cause I'm on a mission to please
And I got plenty doe whodie so I ain't lookin for cheese

Not tonight I got a quarter pound of that weed
And we can go to the verge, come one put it all in me
I like it real deep, wit no rubber so that you can feel me, you feel me?
I got your ***** wantin to kill me behind the snapper

'Cause I ****s like a master, and suck like I'm dracula
And I ain't caught up in the rapture

[Chorus: x 2]

(Shawty!)My baby momma sleeping (yea)so tonight I'm creeping (uh huh)
20 west, to where you rest, your heads the best (that's rite)
I bust on your chin (skeet skeet ************) you rub it in (hah)
You make a preacher man sin

Now we butt naked ****ing all on the floor (uh huh)
I got you screaming louder than a 2 doller hoe (uh huh)
I'm beating that ***** up like a heavy weight fight (uh huh)
Ya came 3 times, how that **** girl (oobie whispers: TITE)

Girl I hit the door with nothing in my mind
So when you feeling freaky baby call me anytime
You say tonight, no small talk or foreplay
On that purple 'dro, allassy, and hennessy
All the freaky things you do got me going crazy
Got me thinking to myself can you be my lady
But hell naw, cause I can't fall in love wit the cut
Just stop by to hit it quick and get enough, a-get enough

[Chorus: Oobie 2x]
Tonite I'll sleep with nothing on
So make sure that you hurry home
Cause I'll be waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for you
With nothing on

[(Oobie sings) 2x]
Tonite I'll sleep with no clothes on
So make sure you hurry home
I'm waiting aa-all alone
Don't make me, wait too long

[Rap by Bo Hagon]
I'll beat the ***** up and leave you in bed legs shaken
Wake up alone by 2 in the morn' like damn, Hagon
Careful what you ask for cause you just might get it
And once I came would you swallow or spit it

I know you freaky you don't have to admit it
I take 'em petite , or thick in the thighs
I like to **** 'em while I look in they eyes
So go on, cut up , girl toot your butt up and do your thang
Sad but I knew your ***** before I knew your name

[Chorus: x 2]

Ooo nana nana, ooo nana nana
Ooo nana nana, ooo nana nana [Repeat: x 2]

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