Who Sang Hey There Ms. Brown? Lil Rob

Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop Latin
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:32
Love problems
Money and drug problems
That's all some shit that brings you down...

[Verse 1]
My life couldn't get worse, I wake up with a curse
It's like, fuck, I woke up
Me and my chick just broke up, and I was broke up
I just lost trust for people all around me
Not just friends, not just aquaintences, but also family
And it's sad to see family be like an enemy would be
You're no longer family, now you're just an enemy to me
Don't speak to me, I'm high
Not high enough to not feel the pain
Of being betrayed, played, portrayed for a fool
That shit ain't cool, we ain't in school
I quit school because of the playground
Now my homeboys that have been down and stayed down
Well now they get around
They do what they do, do what they did, had kids
And that's all good though
It's not their fault I'm all alone, in my lonely little hood holmes
Behind the smile theres a frown, sad enough to bring you down
Hey there Ms. Brown, I'm feelin down
Hey there Ms. Brown, I want you 'round

Heeey there Ms. Brooown
I want you rooound
I'm feelin dooown
Heeey there Ms. Brooown
I need you rooound
I'm feelin dooown

[Verse 2]
I see you kickin back with the homies all the time
And I wanna try you, what would you do to, me
Is it true what they say, you could take my pain away
Leave me with nothing but sunny days, and take my rain away
Right away, what am I missing, how could I miss something I never had
Are you, really that bad, don't even know you, but I want you so bad
Guaranteed to make me feel good, I wish you would
Should I introduce myself to Ms. Brown, I think I should
Mucho gusto, such a sweet love
Sweet like chocolate, make me feel higher, than weed does
She does things to me, that make me see things, in a whole new way
I'd pay any price to feel this nice
You're priceless, make my life timeless
Thank you for your kindness
I just, can't get enough of you
You're so addictive, and I'm so addicted
Hey there Ms. Brown
I need you 'round


[Verse 3]
I'm tryin to say I'm not perfect, you see we all make mistakes
I'm far from perfect, my heart aches, my heart breaks
Wish it didn't, but it does
Wish it wasn't, but it was
Try to look you, in the eye
But I can't see, through the fuzz
It's cuz of this, it's come to this, the, lonliest lonliness
I thought two times, when my primo told me this
He said, slowly she becomes you, 'till you become her
Then your life becomes a blurr and you forget who you were
I guess he's right, I look in the mirror and I don't know who I am
I'm lost, don't even know what direction I'm in
Hey there Ms. Brown, come paint a pretty picture again
I'm feelin down, Ms. Brown make me feel better again
I'd like to thank you for your, kindness
I just, can't get enough of you
You're so addictive, and I'm so addicted
Hey there Ms. Brown, I'm feelin down
I need you 'round

[Chorus 2x]

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