Lil Wayne feat. Babyface - Comfortable 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2008-6-9
ジャンル: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
スタイル: RnB/Swing/Screw/Pop Rap/Thug Rap
length: 4:25
I'm not saying this to shake you up
I'm just saying this to wake you up
Its all good when we making love
All I ask is don't take our love
For granted, its granted
My love for you, is real
Baby if you don't love me
Somebody else will, so baby girl
Don't you ever get too comfortable

Yeah to the left to the left
If you wanna leave be my guest, you can step
Feeling irreplaceable listen to Beyonce
But OK I'll put you out on your B-day
Now if you rocking with Weezy
Bedroom in the bank, baby we safe
I got game like E.A.
But I wanna let you play
And don't I treat you like souffle
Don't I look at you like a I see a new day
And don't I do, what I do say
I'm threw talking so I'm a let you, face
And let ya do ya


Yeah let me catch my breath
You talking bout leave baby you ain't gone yet
And if you leave, leave correct
And I'm a send a jet to pick up the next
And if you leave, your leaving the best
So you would have to settle for less
I am no Elliot Ness, I don't handcuff I don't arrest
I do confess to the virginsy
Cause under them sheets I am a mess
Yes, baby you blessed
Not chess don't jump ya ness


Yeah, it's no sweat no sweat
I will never 1, 2, 3 4-get
About you, your love, your sex
You know I work you out like bowflex
Our jokes no stress, love,
Live life, proceed, progress
Make sure the neighbors get no rest
We can get together, never disconnect
Your back, your neck
Funny how that song hasn't got old yet, to us
So let's project, you stay in
Never in, correct

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