Who Sang A Space Odyssey? Limestar

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Release Date: 2009
It's time to leave the earth
It's time to go to outer s***e
The universe is waiting for us
Seems so inviting
With the ship of imagination
We can go anywhere in s***e and time
Want to join my crew?
In our s***e odyssey

We'll scan every single galaxy
We'll explore every single world
Floating between the stars
Come with me

In this s***e odyssey
There are no boundaries
Want to join my crew?
There is nothing we can't do


Start the engines
It's time to go
No turning back now
Say goodbye to the Earth
You don't know
If you'll ever see it again

Fasten your seatbelts
Because we'll go way too fast
Much faster than the speed of light
So better secure yourself well

Oh I feel the adrenaline
And the excitement
as we're getting
Further And further
From the Solar System

We're getting closer
To the closest stars
So many things to see
It's hard to decide
Where to start
Let's see
Where shall we begin
This one seems pretty
Let's go!


Billions and billions of worlds
Landscapes to chart
All there waiting for us
We'll search for alien life
Where matter grew to conciousness
In eternity and inmensity
Searching our identity

If a specie evolved to intelligence
We'll go make contact
An exchange of knowledges
Of the Cosmos

So much we would learn
From an advanced civilisation
We won't be the same
After this s***e odyssey


I'm so amazed
Can't believe the things I'm seeing
Countless planets everywhere
Worlds of ice
Worlds of gas
Lots of earth-likes
And I just saw
The weirdest forms of life
There are no ways to describe them
No living thing on the earth can compare
I also met some intelligent ones
Some were still primitive
And we thaught them
Everything we knew
While some others were
Much more advanced
They teached me things
About the universe
I would have never suspected
But one was hostile
And started to persecute me
Through the universe
So let the madness

Sorry about that
I was busy so I just couldn't talk before
Let's sum up what happened in the last
15 minutes
These guys started to follow me
I found shelter in a world of
Peaceful minds
They told me those freaks
Terrorized the planets of their nearest stars
So I decided to go and teach them a lesson
But they were much stronger than me
And they threw me inside a black hole
Wasn't easy to escape from that
But I went to their planet
f***** their leader it seems he had
An abstinence problem but I cured him
Everyone really thanked me
Now the galaxy is in peace
Now it's time for me to return


Finally back home
After this very long journey
So good to see my home planet again
From the outside

After being everywhere
I see the earth all new
Like if I was an alien
Feels so different

I have learned to appreciate it
My planet and the human race
How the world would change
If they went on an odyssey

Now its time for me to go
So farewell
I hope you join my crew
In my next odyssey

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