Who Sang Superstition? Limestar

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Release Date: 2009
There was a time
I believed in God
I thought religion was perfectly right
And I thought the universe would give a d*** about me
I was so young back then
When I was impressed by mysticism
In the end I was so disappointed
It was so superficial

There was a time
I believed in magic
I thought witchcraft was for real
That I could change the world
Saying silly words and moving candles

But then I realized and lived
The thin line with insanity
The only thing superstition brings
Is madness and confusion

I grew with superstition all around me
Surrounded by an army of lunatics
I simply took a step outside
And saw the faces of them all
There was a time
I thought I had a soul
Such metaphysic maze of words
Really screwed my mind back then

There was a time
I paid attention to new age
In the end they just made it worse
Bringing more and more confusion to the table
My first reaction was to hate everyone
But I discovered that the real thing
Was much more satisfying
Than unjustified mystic words

I saw it was all a delusion
But now that I have grown I can see
Nothing spread by faceless lunatics
Can be taken seriously

I was so young back them
When I was impressed by mysticism
But I realized how dangerous it was
How can superstition affect a mind

I am fed up
With all of you

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