Who Sang Tomorrow? Lindisfarne

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length: 5:10
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The streets they are not crowded, the rain has cleared the road
But I will stand here soaking all alone
The missionary building is a-blessing to be seen
Within its walls are countless gospel memories

Throwing back my hair, I cast the raindrops from my eyes
If Jesus walks this land, he must be dressed in some disguise
I know I'm meant to be here but it comes of some surprise
Oh, that I'll awake to carry on tomorrow

The greyness of the city has chilled my very soul
And here's a line I'm sure you all will know
Sadness lingers 'round the corner like a cleaning lady
She's come to wash your happiness away

Stabbing staring eyes are with me everywhere I go
Too long to lose your vision is a self destructive move
I know I'm only human but it's such a heavy load
Oh, that I'll awake to carry on tomorrow

Satan lingers on and on although his quest is over
He'll come again tomorrow just for fun
Losers lying in the cold, their lives are almost over
Yet they will rise to greet the morning sunshine

Casting back my thoughts I see an angel at my door
To guide me to a cosy nest on mother nature's floor
I know that I'm much older now but hard to realise
Oh, that I'll awake to carry on tomorrow
Oh, that I'll awake to carry on tomorrow
Carry on, no no
What you do, what you do, what you do to me